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We’ll teach you to fly

Firefly is a pole dance, aerial hoop and aerial silks studio in Prague, Czechia. If you want to start your aerial journey, we’re here for you!

Join us in one of our two locations: I.P.Pavlova Studio where you can practice pole, hoop and silks, and Hradčanská Studio, reserved for pole dance only.

If you want to train on a regular basis, you can enroll in one of our courses. These usually consist of 12 classes (1 class a week, 3 months).

In the Open class section, you’ll find the one-time-only classes.

If you want to train on your own, without the help of our instructors, check out the available times in the Open space section.

We’ll be more than happy to arrange a Private class with our instructors on demand, so don´t hesitate to contact us – together we’ll choose the right instructor and the best time for you.

Before coming to the studio, please, on the website and sign up for your class or course online. This way we can ensure there will be a pole, hoop or silk waiting for you. Our classes are held in Czech, but all the instructors speak English and are not afraid to prove it! See the whole studio schedule in the Rozvrh section.

You can pay via bank transfer beforehand; in the studio we accept cash only.

If you have any questions, our manager is here for you.


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I.P. Pavlova

Hálkova 2, Praha 2, 120 00



Pod kaštany 3, Praha 6, 160 00


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